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All balances must be paid 2 weeks prior to attending the course. Failure to pay a balance in full, on time, WILL result in the cancellation of your booking. Requests to move a booking to a different date require a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice. If there is anything you need to discuss, please contact us
on 07704 680 574 ASAP as deposits are non-refundable.

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The aim of this centre will be to provide excellent quality training to every person so that they have the best chance possible of getting a placement in the industry once they have finished the training. The trainers that we have are second to none in experience and quality in their trade. The centre is ideally situated in the main street of Bellshill, Glasgow which has easy access from all major motorways. Every person will have their own bay to train in and each bay is 2m x 2m which is an ideal size for people with little or no experience to learn in. The training will cover everything from preparation through to a smooth finish for decorating. We will also be holding advanced training courses at our Glasgow workshop for people who wish to improve there skills in a certain area of the trade.

About our Plastering Course
Students will first have a demonstration on the use of tools and mixing plaster, preparation of walls so they know what to do. Each person will have there own bay to work in. Students will then have a chance to work on there own bays and at there own pace. A service will be provided after the course if you need advice on any jobs you are planning to do.Anyone who's serious about starting a course in plastering immediately faces a steep learning curve. However, if you want to 'shortcut' the process (and cut down on the months, even years of trail and error that most people face) The Mark Wightman Training Centre is the ideal starting place.The courses we hold are very much hands on, with tools and equipment initially explained and demonstrated by instructors. The courses are all practical and as a result you will get dirty! So you should bring with you some appropriate clothing. We will supply all the tools, materials and safety equipment you will be using while you are here. We also require all students to wear protective footwear i.e. boots you don't mind getting dirty.

Please note: To secure any bookings a deposit is required. Final balances are due 2 weeks prior to attending a course. Failure to pay balances on time will result in your booking being cancelled

Why choose us?
The tutors at the Mark Wightman Training Centre have developed a range of training programs which are conducted at our premises with you. Here is what we can accomplish together on the fast-paced, zero-nonsense courses:

Difficult problems you'll encounter when starting in plastering, - one or two bad preparation techniques can result in an otherwise good job being completely ruined. But a borderline problem can be quickly and easily corrected as long as you know what critical mistakes not to make. We'll walk you through our stepped training process and show exactly how to carry out the tasks which immediately enhances your effectiveness as a trades-person and earn you a greater command over your chosen discipline.

Stagnant career - lying awake at night worried about making out that line of credit. We've helped hundreds of students back into employment and change career paths into the three construction skills we specialise in.

Cost cutting - you're all too familiar with how easily costs can balloon out of control, and how painful cost cutting can be. We'll show you all the key areas that can cut back construction repair work costs by 50 - 60%.

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The Mark Wightman Plastering Centre is set up to help you learn your chosen construction skill in a professional and friendly environment. The instruction is carried out by City and Guilds qualified tradesmen with an excess of over 30 years practical experience between them.

If you want to learn a new skill and begin a new career or develop your skills in plastering, come and train with The Mark Wightman Training Centre. It will excite you, challenge you and take you out of your routine. You will return home with renewed clarity and energy for your career or DIY project. Our flexible, person centred approach focuses on your individual needs, weather you are new to the construction industry or wether you with to increase your plastering skills.

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